Weddings, Baptisms & Funerals

A wedding is a wonderful occasion and celebration of love.  As a church we believe that God is love and that those who know love in some way have been touched or blessed by God.

We welcome all enquiries regarding weddings services. Most wedding requests are accepted, although there are always a few exceptions to the rule.

We encourage you to speak with the Rector who will be pleased to discuss your application as you look forward to your wedding day.

Baptism & Christenings
Both Baptism and Christening refer to the same service where individuals are welcomed in to the family of the church.

At St Leonard’s we welcome enquiries for baptism from people of all ages. For young children it may be that their parents ask for baptism as a mark of hope that one day their children too will come to faith. For some adults and young people who have not been baptised it is through their own profession of faith that they seek Baptism.

Whatever your reasons, its good to talk and we encourage you to speak to our Rector if you are interested in a Baptismal Service.

A funeral is held to mark the ending of a human life on earth. In the context of a funeral service, family and friends can express their grief and give thanks for the person who has now completed their journey in this world.

Please contact us at St Leonard’s if you would like our help with this important rite of passage.