Monthly Knitting Group

20160721_12020820160615_15370120160615_153631A group from both St Leonard’s and St Mary’s meet each month in Newbyres Nursing Home, Gorebridge where we encourage one another in the production of all things knitted. to date we have knitted Footermuffs, Poppies, Baby hats and Comfort Teddies.

Our Group have completed over 1000 poppies to produce 2 Poppy falls to commemorate the Armistice of the first world war. These can be seen in both churches as per these pictures.








Our current projects are baby hats, cardis, blankets for the Simpsons or Comfort Teddies, or squares to make into twiddle blankets. After last weeks visit from The Mission to Seafarers we are adding to our list hats, balaclavas, mittens etc for them.  If you need a pattern or wish to come and have a look at the yarn currently in the garage please do speak to Fiona!

Pitcairn CentreSt Leonard’s baking stall  Sadly due to the current situation this will be suspended until further notice!

All funds raised are to help rebuild our hall.  Look out for updates to the process here.