Monthly Footermuff meeting

20160721_12020820160615_15370120160615_153631A group from both St Leonard’s and St Mary’s meet each month in Newbyres Nursing Home, Gorebridge where we encourage one another in the production of Footermuffs. These muffs are made with odds of yarn and are extremely colourful some of the residents help with the knitting if able, or sew on the embellishments or some just join us for the company and a chat.  The two hours disappear very quickly.  In the 6 months since we started we have donated around 12 muffs to Newbyres.  There are many more in various states of completion. The intention is to donate them to Nursing homes, hospitals or individuals where they would be of benefit.  Twiddlemuffs or Footermuffs as we call them after all this is Scotland are beneficial for those especially with dementia,  the embellishments give them something to do.  Interested in helping out then you can download the pattern and knit some yourself if you are not sure what to do with the completed muff do get in touch.  If you are not a knitter I’m sure these could be crocheted, alternatively we are always looking for embellishments these can be many and varied. Each muff has at least 6 different items on them.

Next Meeting is 9th November at Newbyres

Pitcairn CentreSt Leonard’s baking stall at The Pitcairn Centre Bonnyrigg High Street dates  2nd November and 7th December.  Come along and see what treats we have for you this month.  All funds raised are to help rebuild our hall.



 Church AGM Wednesday 15th November 7pm

Do come along and hear what’s happening in your church.


Memorial Service Sunday 5th November 4pm

Many of us know and feel the loss of a loved one who has passed away.  Even though we see them no longer we continue to remember them in many different ways.  In time we learn to cope with life again, yet at the same time life is never quite the same as it used to be when we felt our loved ones close by.

In memory and with thanksgiving for our loved ones we as a church invite you to a short Memorial Service on Sunday 5th November at 4pm in St Leonard’s Church Dobbies Road Bonnyrigg.

During the service there will be an opportunity to light a candle and write our loved ones names on a memorial cross and hang them from our Tree of Remembrance.  The tree remains in Church up until Easter time when we remember that death itself has been defeated.

At the close of the service there is no need to rush away as the church will remain open for as long needed.  We pray that this will offer people a reflective space to be still or to go if they need to.  At this time members of our Pastoral Group and Ministry Team will also be available to offer a listening ear or to pray with you if this would help.

We look forward to seeing you there and pray that you will find it beneficial to remember your loved ones in this way.  Please also share this invite with others who may appreciate the opportunity of being at a memorial service.  If you cannot make the service but would like a memorial cross to be placed on the tree in memory of your loved ones then please do contact me or pick up a cross from the church